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India’s largest event

showcasing Transformation & Innovation
in GCCs with Gen AI

showcasing Transformation & Innovation in GCCs with Gen AI

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India is the nerve centre of Global Capability Centres(GCCs) with 1700+ GCCs employing close to 2 million professionals constituting more than 25% of India’s technology workforce. By 2026, India is projected to have 2000 GCCs employing 2.5 million professionals with exponential technologies skills and generating revenues of USD 60 billion.

GCCs are at a critical inflection point; as global corporations continue to move to an AI-first paradigm, they are looking at their GCCs to provide Gen AI & Data Engineering prowess to drive this transformation. Gen AI has taken a robust foothold in the GCCs, with their inhouse deep capabilities & solutions powering intelligent data-driven decisions for their parent organizations. The next generation of the GCCs will be expected to provide an Gen AI -augmented decision intelligence.

GCC leaders and AI, Analytics & Data leaders in GCCs will need to harness the burgeoning power of Gen AI to drive corporate decisions, innovate new products & services, reinvent business models for the continued success of their business in the new world and trigger insights, intelligence & recommendations hubs for amplified

GCC X...SUMMIT 2024 theme – ‘Reimagine the New Next in GCCs with Gen AI‘ aims to put a greater emphasis on continuous transformation via collaborative innovation and further discuss the role India plays. There is an urgent need for Data, AI & Analytics leaders in GCCs to collaboratively come together to discuss their greater role to create competitive advantage for their global enterprises. It is imperative to constantly identify new growth opportunities, drive innovation with Gen AI and realign business strategies.


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Topical trends in Gen AI & Data Engineering capabilities in GCCs

Gen AI value & ROI realisation frameworks

Gen AI Center of Excellence & hubs construct in GCCs

Gen AI applications & use cases in GCCs

Gen AI – powered enterprise construct enabled by GCCs

Gen AI Strategy & Roadmap in GCCs

Transformation & Innovation enabled by Gen AI

Data Governance & Compliance frameworks

Gen AI Ethics & Regulation mechanisms

GCC 3.0 : Evolution & The Journey Ahead

The GCC X…SUMMIT 2024 aims to expand participants’ perspectives and stretch their thinking by showcasing practical examples of how GCCs use Gen AI, Data, AI, and Analytics to implement parent organization strategies, creating value and differentiation. The summit offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Gen AI implementation in GCCs to drive success.

Why Attend GCC X…Summit

Seasoned Data, AI & Analytics leaders & ecosystem all at one location

Get to know your GCCs’ readiness towards adopting Gen AI capabilities

Get real time scenarios, industry specific applications, best practices and global trends in Gen AI

Learn novel Gen AI frameworks, methodologies & playbooks

Explore networking, partnership, and collaboration opportunities

Learn best practices in the Data & AI industry

Experience diversity of perspective and voices

Showcase topical scenarios, industry specific applications, best practices and global trends in Gen AI

Gain insights into Gen AI’s practical applications with new and real use cases


Foster Transformation, Innovation and Disruption dynamics with Gen AI in GCCs

Create action plans for leveraging new Gen AI capabilities, solutions, CoE & capability hubs approaches, talent strategies, governance mechanisms within GCCs and business spheres

Develop a comprehensive understanding of new possibilities in GCCs with Gen AI

Explore topical scenarios, best practices and trends in GCCs

The Most Credible & Admired Awards
in the AI & Analytics Industry

1. Top GCC Leaders to watch out in 2024

2. Inspiring Women Leaders

3. Exemplary GCCs in AI & Analytics

4. Exemplary Firms in AI & Analytics

5. Young Turks Award 2024

6. Standout AI & Analytics Solution in GCCs

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